Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MessageSave for Microsoft Outlook

Shenwick and Associates practices bankruptcy and real estate law, and we do not often post reviews or comments on technology products. However, we’re making an exception for MessageSave by, a $49.95 plug-in to Microsoft Outlook that organizes sent and received e-mail messages. Having used this product for approximately three months, we have found that it saves us hours each week, reduces the tedium of saving e-mails and paid for itself in a matter of days.

The company allows for a 30-day trial and provides free technical support. However, we found that the product worked fine out of the box. Once you download MessageSave, an icon appears in Outlook. When you want to save an e-mail message in your inbox, you click the MessageSave icon and are prompted to browse to the folder where you want to save the file. You then click “save now” and the e-mail is saved. Correspondingly, after you send an e-mail, the message save window opens up and you browse to where you want to save the file.

MessageSave is highly customizable and one can modify the program so that the saved e-mails have a thread. We have configured the program so that every saved e-mail shows the sender, recipient, date and a brief description of the subject of the e-mail. Effectively, what the program does is reduce the number of steps and the amount of typing required to save an e-mail. Shenwick and Associates does not save e-mails to the Outlook folders—in our opinion, that is the worst place to store e-mails, because the .pst file becomes corrupted as it grows in size. As part of our case management approach to managing files, we have created a folder on our hard drive entitled "Client Files," and each client has a subfolder within the main folder. With this approach, our firm saves a great deal of time on e-mail management with this program. Without MessageSave, we would have to double-click on an e-mail, select “save as,” scroll to the client file, type a description of the file and changes the type of file to a message file. MessageSave significantly reduces the steps in saving e-mails, and we highly recommend it.


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